Daniel Chen

At 23 years old, there is nothing more valuable to a young man than sound wisdom and guidance. Life is full of many situations, circumstances and relationships and each of them very different. However, a deep knowledge of the principles of God, a knowledge of His mind and the instruction from the Word has molded me into a young man of integrity. I can truly say that I am growing in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.

tp3Janay Shannon

The teachings are practical, interactive and anointed. The teachers are tangible and down to earth. The courses offered will strengthen your roots in Jesus. The knowledge you obtain will cause a stirring and a zealous drive for God’s ministry. These courses have made my faith sure and unapologetic. I am not fearful or intimidated, but through the teachings at Bible Teachers Theological Institute I am blossoming into a bold end time evangelist. The grace in the courses at BTTI has truly come from heaven and I can say that because they have made me a minister.